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So Professional
Hello there!
Don't I look sophisticated?
My name's Micah, I'm a mystery writer and blogger.
I suppose you would like to know a bit about myself, so here are 14.5 facts about me.

1. I am a Meyers-Briggs type INFJ
2. I can speak in like five different accents.
3. I play bagpipes, bass guitar, and keyboard (kind of).
4. I know American Sign Language (ASL).
5. I have run 3 10k's, several 5k's, and plan on running a half marathon this year.
6. I'm deathly scared of heights.
7. I am a jittery person. Often times I get insecure over really silly things. Like my writing
8. I grew up reading mystery books, so I guess that's where I got my mystery writing kick?
9. I've been homeschooled all my life.
10. I started writing when I was little, like all those author prodigies who get things published really young but I waited until I was older and knew how to write about gruesome murders before getting published. This was a good idea.
11. I have trouble coming up with facts about myself. I develop some strange form of amnesia when I need to talk about myself.
12. I really love kit kats. Like a lot. I love them too much.
13. I'm a really big Lord of the Rings nerd. I used to be able to write Elvish fluently. I can still speak a few phrases, but nothing really beyond insults like "May Balrogs eat you." So I've got the useful stuff down at least.
14. I was in a magazine article about homeschooling once.
.5 I had a huge scrape on my nose when I got the picture taken. A basketball had hit me in the face.

So that's me, but I'd like to know some about you! I dare you; post 14.5 facts about yourself.