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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Explanation

I suppose you all deserve to know why I have not posted in a verrryyyy long time. First of all California happened, which was great and amazing and wonderful for people watching (a favorite past time of mine).

Thennnn I got back home and I was planning to start up blogging again.

But then I sort of got in a car accident. I was driving alone, lost, and late picking up my friend, and I got t-boned from the passenger side and life sorta tipped upside down and all went screwy and I couldn't write for a long long time. I'm just getting back into the groove of things and the accident was the end of May.

I sort of felt crummy and went through a lot of panic attacks and then finally talked to a counselor. I'm doing much better, though I do still have nightmares and the occasional flashback/panic attack, but writing and keeping up schedules has been kind of a struggle and this blog lay dormant for a lonngg time.

Soon I will start up a new blog, and I'll post again to let you all know the new URL when I do, but yeah, that's it.