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Monday, May 4, 2015

Star Wars and Stereotypes

Happy Star Wars Day!
(May the fourth be with you. Eh? Eh?)
Ahem. Anyways.

(As a note, I am not dissing Star Wars. If you like Star Wars, I will not judge you. I like it too, it's just stereotypical.)

As much as Star Wars is amazing, and I do not deny it in the least, the story was mildly irritating.
Luke, in particular, annoyed me greatly. He was the stereotypical good guy. Orphaned, living with his aunt and uncle, special powers (because what protagonist doesn't have special powers?), a mentor (who dies. Shocker.), and is prophesied to save the world.
Anyhow, I know there are several protagonists who fall under this category. Right off the top of my head, I know Harry Potter and John Weaver from the Vortex Entrance. I'll be honest; all my protagonists started out that way, and who's don't? They're cool! They have amazing powers! They'll save the world!
But then everyone elses' protagonists are just the same. It makes things boring.
Also love triangles.

Even though the triangle was resolved when Luke was discovered to be Leia's sister (awkwardddd), it still existed and ew. Just ew. Yuck.
Anyhow, this type of protagonist can be pulled off, if you try very hard, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's rather overused in fiction today. From what I've heard from all your stories, you don't have protagonists like that. Congratulations! Yay for you!

Do any of you really like Star Wars? What do you think of Luke Skywalker?