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Friday, April 24, 2015

Third Drafts: What would you do?

 (I apologize if you saw this when I accidentally posted it before I'd actually written anything. I swear my blog isn't haunted)

It's Friday again, and Fridays mean I get to talk about whatever I want. Which is almost always writing, but you get the idea. Today is a bit different: Today, I pose a question to any of you writers out there who read my blog.

Third Drafts: What would you do?

I just finished the second draft of Murder on the Red Line, my book about Ulysses.  The first draft was, well, a first draft. Sort of crappy in characterization, plot, and writing. The second draft I just finished helped improve the plot. I removed several characters and plot points. Last draft, Stocker died. Needless to say, that changed. I couldn't kill the guy. Not yet, anyway.

Ahem. Moving on.
My question to you is this. How do you get started on third (or second or fourth or fifth...) draft? Do you plan ahead what you're going to change or just start writing again? Do you have any methods that I don't know? Do you summon the ancient spirits of writing your third draft using marshmallows and a stray cat hair?