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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Ultimate Character Sheet

As some of you are aware, a good way to develop characters is to use a character sheet. However the quality of said character sheets isn't necessarily always the greatest. A lot of them have rather obscure questions like 'what is their favorite song and why?' I can't think of any of my characters' favorite song. Along with that, some of my characters live in places where songs might not be available. For example Mordecai, a Scottish rogue living in medieval times, probably wouldn't have access to music beyond drinking songs and the occasional bard.
My point is that not all character sheets are good character sheets. Sure there's the basics, like full name, age, height, weight, etc. But do you always really need to know their favorite song? Maybe you do. I'm looking at Starlord here. He can't live without his music player, which I know that's technically several songs, but my point is this:
If something is important to their character, write it down. I don't recommend using pre-made sheets to be perfectly honest, just write down what's important. I don't mind if you make it in a character sheet format, but I recommend just using your instinct.

(Insert 'feel, don't think' Star Wars GIF here because I couldn't find one) 

If their favorite song is important to their character, write it down. If it matters what their favorite childhood food was, write it down. 
The ultimate character sheet is one you create yourself.

Do any of you use pre-made character sheets? Do you make your own? How do you develop your characters?