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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One-Shot Wednesday

This one actually turned out to be about Ulysses. I realized this after I started writing it. Enjoy!

dialogue prompt

I certainly wasn't expecting a horse in the hallway this morning. It was the smell that hit me first.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Two or three people crowded around me and the horse, throwing a bit of confetti. All of it landed in my hair.
Great. I knew I'd forgotten something, but my bloody birthday? 
"We got you a horse!" A rather small, round man held the lead out to me. Now, I appreciated the beasts just as much as the next man, but never had I given the smallest hint that I'd wanted one.
"But I never asked for a horse!" My voice cracked with the shock. What in the name of all things sane would I do with the thing?
A woman that rather matched the man with body type and size stepped forward.  "I used my brilliant powers of assumption!" She puffed her chest out with pride.
I couldn't help but groan. "Don't you mean deduction?"
"...no." She shook her head. "But happy birthday!"