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Friday, April 10, 2015

Book Review: The Vortex Entrance Part Two

Because once wasn't enough

 WARNING: This post is GIF heavy.

It's gotten worse, guys. Much much worse.
First of all the writing hasn't improved. There's been a lot more careless mistakes and, to be honest, it looks like a NaNo novel to me (not dissing any WriMos out there, being one myself, but please for the love of all things pure and holy edit before you publish). There have been sentences in this book that physically hurt to read. I do not comprehend the lack of editing that has gone into this book. At one point there must have been five consecutive sentences that started with "I."

The only (slightly) well-developed character seems to be hated by everyone for no legitimate reason. Sure, he's an alcoholic and not exactly the most sensitive person, (I've judged him to be IxTP by the way) but wouldn't any of you be that way after fighting a war? I certainly would. Not an alcoholic, but definitely harsher.

Alright everyone, pop quiz! What is the best way to reason with an alcoholic?
A) Calmly and reasonably without blaming him for all your problems
B) Yell and scream at him, take all his alcohol away, and blame him for everything
Give you a guess as to how John (The main character, ESFJ) reacts.
Now, I'm not saying alcohol is a good thing at all, no sir. It smells bad and tastes TERRIBLE (yes I had a sip one time don't judge me). But if I were addicted to cheeto puffs and you were trying to reason with me do you think taking away all my cheeto puffs would be a good idea?

Anyhow, to me, it's getting to the point where even the characters are so stupid that I don't even want to finish reading it. For your sake I'll finish and post one more final review so you can see the final score.
Like really they ran from police after the villains ("Vanishers" clever name, no?) burned down a library. They had nothing to hide and they ran from the police.

Also then after running a few laps around a gym they ran thirty miles in like six hours.
Then they got right back up and walked another half mile to another town.

After that there was an abrupt change from vacant desert to dense forest.

Following that, after an attack by Vanishers, one character is flung through the forest and returns without a scratch.

A person with a concussion falls into a coma and wakes up fine the next day.

If you learn anything from this please do research.

Do you ever want to read this book, even for humor purposes? Do you have any questions about the book that I didn't answer *wiggles eyebrows at ask box because shameless self-promotion*? Have you ever found errors in a published book?