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Monday, March 16, 2015

Writing is your Job

On Saturday, I had the privilege of hearing Ms. Mindee Arnett, author of "The Nightmare Affair," "The Nightmare Dilemma," "Avalon," and soon "The Nightmare Charade" speak about writing. She spoke about a lot of good points, covering everything from query letters to what college degree you should get (any, really, you need a day job as a writer). One of her best topics, at least in my opinion, was her take on writer's block.

Writing is your job. There's no such thing as writer's block.
Doctors don't say "I have doctor's block, I don't think I'll diagnose anyone today."
If you look at writing as your job, which I have started doing, it makes it a lot easier to sit your butt down in your chair (or stomach on the floor or however you sit) and just write.

A lot of her advice was "just write." A kid asked how he could improve his writing.
Her answer?
Just write.
Write, write, write.
Writing is your job.
It is your job to give this world the best book ever.
So if you sit down, don't think about how you're stuck, concentrate on how you're gonna write the best book this world has ever seen.
Writing is your Job.