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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Devil Orders Takeout Linkup

Well guys, according to Heather @ Sometimes I'm a Story, her friend, Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout is having two birthdays! Her actual birthday and her blog's birthday! Her blog is two years old! Congratulations!! That's absolutely amazing.

The Devil Orders Takeout - Birthday Giveaway 2015

She's having a blog party and a giveaway, so I thought I should tell you all so you can join in!  (Also I'm told there's virtual cake)

Let us go forth: To the Questions!!

1. If I win, what book would I like? 
Oh, gosh, this is a hard question. Probably Tripwire, by Lee Child. I write crime stories, so I read a lot of crime stories. It's like research.

2. What is the ideal bookmark? (If you own it, show us a picture!)
Well, I have a tendency to twist bookmarks when I'm reading. I just use random papers or tissues to be fully honest.

3. What's a book you've been wanting to read (or write) that you've been putting off forever?
Well there's this cyberpunk/sci-fi book that me and some of my friends have been meaning to write for a really long time. We still haven't started it, I don't think.

4. One Urban Myth about China? (Because CHINA. I'll drop by and clear it up :D)
I think the air in some places is like deadly to breathe.
I know like nothing about China.

Also I think the Great Wall wasn't actually that great. It didn't work. I don't think.

5. List your blogging inspirations:

Well, gosh, there's a lot. Here goes.

Aimee @ To the Barricade! She's just cool and people really like her and she writes very well and is super clever and funny. Yeah.

Heather @ Sometimes I'm a Story She's super nice and does cool linkup things and she's just really cool. I am not good at articulating why I like these people. But she's cool

Imogen @ Imogen Elvis: Gossiping with Dragons Imogen is just amazing. She's such a good blogger and has good music and she's just awesome.

So yeah! You all can join in if you like, click this link to join the giveaway.

How are you all doing with fan month? Are you participating? Who are your blogging inspirations?