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Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet the Side Character: Elijah Stocker

This came to me like five minutes ago. But as I'm writing my book, I realized that a lot of my side characters are really kind of flat. So this will be my remedy to this. I'm going to drag their little behinds out into the light where I can see them and get a good look at who they are.
I really shouldn't have giggled as much as I did

Elijah is one of my most well-developed side characters so far, he's the same MBTI as me (INFJ), and he was a soldier in the middle east before he was hit with shrapnel and he had to come home since there was a very high chance he wouldn't be able to walk again. Poor boy.
Anyhow, he's just the sweetest little guy I'll try to give you some basic information about him without fangirling too much, and I'll let him write a little piece about himself at the end. That sentence would sound really weird if I weren't a writer, huh?

Anyhow, without further ado,

Elijah Tyler Stocker!
Sweet baby Stocker

Full Name: Elijah Tyler Stocker
Age: 20 (barely)
Hobbies: Reading, building models, working on cases with Ulysses
Role in the story: He's part of Ulysses' gang who are his eyes and ears in several places at once
What he would do with $1,000,000,000: Save it until he needed it for something or give it away to charity
Hello! I'm Elijah Stocker. Most people call me Stocker. They did in the military anyway. I used to be in the military 'til I got shrapnel lodged in my back. That was unfortunate. Now I'm living by myself in this little apartment. I work for Ulysses as another pair of eyes and ears. I do wish he'd settle down, though... 

So there you have it! Would you like to see more of these? How do you develop your side characters?