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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Three Act Model: Part 2

So here we are in Part 2!
Today, we'll be throwing rocks at our protagonist.
Your protagonist is stuck up a tree.  Poor thing. Now we'll be throwing rocks at him/her.

There are several ways to illustrate this.
I'll use Bilbo and John Watson again.
I'm sorry, Martin Freeman

First, what again got them up a tree?

Dwarves crashed Bilbo's house.
Sherlock and Watson started sharing a flat.

Those are the trees. Now the question stands, what are the rocks?
Well, for poor Bilbo, I'd say the first (rather large) rock is  the dwarves getting him to come on the trip with them. The trolls are another rock, then the goblins, then Mirkwood. The list could go on and on, but I will say this: Some rocks are bigger than others. For example, your protagonist could be challenged because there are no oranges for breakfast or something much bigger because, oh look, now they have cancer and their legs must be amputated. That would be a pretty substantial rock.

John's rocks are a bit different. You could almost call his limp a rock that he carried up the tree with him. I would call it something like that, I don't know what you think though. His rocks consist of Sherlock dragging him every which-way into whatever wild case he's got.

They're stuck up this tree. Their lives have changed somehow. Now, we're going to make them struggle. Throw pinecones, rocks, and whatever garbage you find in your yard at them.

(Side Note: Make your protagonist likeable and/or relatable. If you stuck a jerkface that no one sympathized with up a tree, no one will care what you throw at them and stop reading.)

What are some rocks you've thrown at your protagonists? Was there a mix of pebbles and boulders?