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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One-Shot Wednesday

Well, this is awkward.
I hate being stabbed. I really do. It's such a pain and you have to find something to do with the knives and swords and what not. Also it didn't help that the two wolf-men wouldn't leave so I could pull 'em out.
The swords matched their fur for some unbeknownst reason. But that didn't really concern me. What concerned me was that they weren't leaving. You can't leave two swords poking through your torso forever, even if you do have the capability to heal the wounds immediately, leaving them open like this actually could leave me vulnerable to things like death.

I have a challenge for you, dear readers:
Why has this poor man been stabbed? What made the wolf-men so irritated that they decided to stick two swords through his torso?