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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fan Month Linkup

Some of you may know I'm really shy when it comes to talking to people, I always end up feel like I'm bothering them. So I'm gonna force myself to be brave here.
I got this from Aimee, @ To the Barricade! who is a real life friend of mine. I sort of feel like I'm not really an official blogger because I don't have a lot of people who comment/seem to follow me. Of course, the only way to fix that is to follow more people and comment on their posts. Then they can comment on mine. So. Yep.
But when I go to comment on things, my hands literally start sweating. It's really sad. I went to comment on something of Aimee's and I got so nervous I couldn't. I don't think it's social anxiety or anything, I'm just a very skittish person. I'm scared of being wrong or judged wrongly or something. Even thinking/writing about this is making my throat tight.
Well. That got personal really quick. 
Anyhow, I'm forcing myself to be brave with this thing. So here goes. *deep breath*


1. When do you plan on being a fan? 
Well, I'll probably do it for a week in March, like Aimee is. Instead of posting my own stuff, I'll post things from other blogs (tagging the author, of course), and acknowledging them instead of just talking about me. 

2. What goals will you set for yourself?
  I'm going to follow and comment on every post of the following blogs:

3. Are you going to set rules for yourself? Exceptions to those rules?
Well, a sort of exception. I'm telling myself that it's okay if I don't comment on the post the day it's posted, which is what I try to do. It takes a lot of confidence, and I crumble under pressure a lot easier than I feel like I should.

4. Where do you plan on sharing the great posts you read?
Well here, obviously, and Pinterest. 

5. Where could you be a fan outside the blogosphere?  
Well, I'll pay attention when people read things to me. Often times I don't do that, and I should work on it.

So yeah! This should be interesting.
Also, my mother is out of the hospital and the ASL exam is over. So I'll be back to posting regularly now. The next part of my three part post shall be out next Monday.