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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Book Review: Edgar and Ellen: Rare Beasts


This book is really cute. It's meant for younger children than me, since I found it in the kid's section, and it was less than an inch thick, but it was pretty good as far as books for that age go.

The premise is as follows:

Edgar and Ellen are twins. I'm pretty sure they're both INTP or ENTP. They live in a town called Nod's Limbs. The town is very pleasant, except for a bleak grey tower. The twins live there with a giant furry lump that they call "Pet." Pet's species or gender is unknown. They're very happy there.

One day however, they decide they want some money. They kidnap the pets of the town and turn them into exotic animals.

Long story short, hilarity ensues. The plot is very simple, the writing is hilarious, and honestly, so are the characters. It's a great read, very short and sweet. It took me like half an hour to go cover to cover. Also there's a TV show, which is sort of weird. Not like the book of course, but still pretty neat. I highly recommend it.

Have you ever read these? Have you seen the show? What books have you all been reading this week?