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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Finished a First Draft!

Well, I've been working since January on the first draft of a Ulysses novella. Hopefully after I edit the living daylights out of it, it'll be more like a novel, but we'll see. I'm putting it aside until after NaNoWriMo so it's not super fresh in my mind.

Because we all know the quality of our first drafts are just stellar, I did end up fudging the ending by writing
"Blah blah fight scene where [My Villain] loses the end" but in case you missed my sarcasm, first drafts suck.
It's the truth of writing life that first drafts will not be perfect. Ever.

If you think it's perfect, you are wrong. I know, I know that's rude or offensive or something or other, but it's true. I'm not saying it's utter crap, it's the beginnings of a story.

Think of it this way:
Your story is a person. The first draft is just the person's skeleton. Revision and more drafts give it more meat. Organs, muscles, and skin come in later drafts. But don't let the skeleton draft get you down, it happens to everyone.
Here are some wonderful pictures that explain first draft writing.

 Happy writing!

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Hope This is a Decent Introduction

Well, I've jumped on the blogging bandwagon. I've heard like a million places say that blogging is good for writing skills, so I'm going to give it a shot.

I'll be posting a multitude of things that interest me, so I can't really label this blog as anything. Though, it'll mostly be writing-related and I'll post lots of fascinating things about characters, plot, structure, worldbuilding, or, my personal favorite, writing a mental disorder. I'll keep you all posted on the progress of the books I'm writing and sometimes post bits and pieces that I think are funny, upsetting, or just awesome.

I'll also post reviews to various TV shows, movies, books, songs, video games, etc. That I see fit. They are all my personal opinion. I'll do my best not to say anything offensive but you must remember I am human, so if I do say anything to hurt any of your feelings, I apologize in advance.

I'll try and post things once a week or more, but I do have a lot of schoolwork, so whatever I post is what I post.

If you're curious about the title of my blog, I used Ranger_368 as my Minecraft username and it sort of stuck as a nickname.

Hopefully that's all there is to know about me, I'm sure I'll enjoy blogging and I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

May the force be with you, may the odds be ever in your favor, geronimo, allons-y, etc!